Terri E Johnson Clinical Consultative Services, LLC - "Persistence is the WAY!"
Empowerment, Enlightenment and Persistence.
TEJ CCS LLC is a multifaceted consulting business that provides mental health, life coaching and addiction services through workshops,  non-profit partnerships, and private therapeutic practice. Our goal is to assist our consumers  in their efforts to persist towards a life full of healing, wellness and empowerment. 
 Terri E. Johnson Clinical Consultative Services, LLC is an advocate for  knowledge and  the availability of resources which lead to improved quality of life and create a roadmap to self-fulfillment.
We provide effective and efficient interventions, programming and direct care with a marriage of evidence-based practices and nontraditional techniques based on the consumer's needs.  Also, it is our belief that humanity, as a whole, benefits when there is an effective balance between needs and resources.
TEJ CCS, LLC empowers and enlightens by teaching individuals,  families, groups, and communities how to access available resources or to create resources to meet unmet needs.
Terri E. Johnson Clinical Consultative Services, LLC intends to provide evidence-based practices to individuals, groups, families and communities that have otherwise been denied access to effective/efficient services, treatment, and resources.
Terri E. Johnson Clinical Consultative Services, LLC aspires to empower, enlighten, and support  consumers  through direct service/interventions, workshop/trainings, life coaching, etc to assist individuals, families, and communities in reaching "their" fullest potential, collectively and individually.
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